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Good help is hard to find so when you find the right people, you want to keep them and keep them safe.  That’s why we’ve partnered with ProTect-All Solutions to bring you the tools you need to keep everyone happy and healthy.   

Safety Highlight

Not Winning Construction Bids? It Could be Your E-Mod

Construction companies, especially smaller ones, hate when it happens, but many large projects and government contracts require them to have an experience modification rate, or EMR, of no more than 1.00.

The thinking is that a rating above 1.00 would somehow involve a safety risk, and that the lower the EMR, the safer a company’s work practices.

About Protect-All Solutions

ProTect-All Solutions is a full service EHS and security company committed to reducing risk of injury and environmental impact by building sound relationships with our clients. Through EHS consulting, risk engineering, and leadership development, ProTect-All Solutions is dedicated to developing proactive EHS platforms while incorporating and supporting client’s visions and goals. ProTect-All provides clients with comprehensive, innovative and cost-effective solutions that encompass honesty and integrity. Our educated team is devoted in serving our clients in a manner that incorporates and promotes the human element, The Power of One, as the center of the EHS system.