Made for Trades

Built by experts with decades of experience in the industry, TradeBuilt is an all-lines insurance solution made specifically for trade contractors in Pennsylvania.

Focus on Trades

Having the right tool can make or break any job. The same is true when it comes to protecting your business and your employees. If you're a contractor in Pennsylvania, you already know how difficult it can be to not only find, but also afford, the kind of coverage you need to run a successful business. TradeBuilt is made with you mind. We packaged the insurance your bid docs require, added protection for your trucks and equipment, eliminiated everything you'll never need, and put a special focus on safety to make your EMR stand out in a good way. All in a platform that leverages technology when it makes sense, but keeps a human connection from start to finish.

You've built enough, already

You shouldn't have to GC your own insurance policy, too. We have dozens of Agencies nearby that are eager to help you better understand our coverages, make better use of our mobile app, and create a safer workplace for you and your employees through our TradeBuilt Safety program powered by Protect-All.

about us

Starting as a partnership of Construction Equipment experts and Insurance professionals, TradeBuilt was designed to address the lack of Contractor specific insurance products in Pennsylvania. So we built a new kind of product. One without all the excess coverages, paperwork, and hassle that seem to come standard with the majority of the providers out here. TradeBuilt works where you work, protects what you need protected, saves you time/money, and provides you with the tools you need to succeed. Because, here at TradeBuilt, we know you're committed to delivering superior results, and we want you to know that we are, too.


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